Create a sense of expansion in your small bathroom with these expert design tips and tricks. For smaller bathrooms, maximizing every inch and choosing great storage solutions can make a huge difference. With the use of a few design hacks and careful product selection, you can make your bathroom feel bigger, brighter and more functional.

Incorporating floating elements such as hanging toilets, vanities or other storage, increases floor space visibility. By doing so, it gives the impression of a more expansive and uncluttered space, contributing to an open and airy feel. Floating elements, especially when mounted higher on the wall, draw the eye upward. This vertical emphasis creates the illusion of higher ceilings, which is associated with larger, more open spaces. Not to mention, how much easier this place will be to clean!

By reflecting light and space, mirrors create a perception of depth and illusion of continuity. Placing mirrors strategically where windows are reflected, works to erase the visual boundary of walls. Creating an open and airy feeling is easy to achieve with Elites wide range of mirrors. Our Solace collection includes LED lighting, bluetooth speakers, built in demisters, and more! We also stock a range of cabinet mirrors for those smaller bathrooms needing a smart storage solution to save on space.

Curves play with depth perception, creating an illusion of distance. This can make the bathroom feel deeper or more spacious, especially when curves are strategically placed to guide the eye. Unlike straight lines, which may emphasize boundaries and confinement, curves soften the visual edges, making the room feel more expansive and fluid. In small bathrooms, curved elements can help soften sharp corners, reducing the feeling of confinement. This design strategy contributes to a more comfortable and open environment. Adding a curved vanity or shower increases space, functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our range of curved vanities are modern and high quality available in many finishes for any bathroom aesthetic.

Light and neutral colours are effective increasing a sense of space in a small bathroom. This could include whites, light greys, soft pastels, beige or taupe and light wood tones. At Elite Bathroomware, our sales team and in house bathroom designer can help you decide on your bathroom colour palette and style. When using woof or tile patterns, using them horizontal will create a sense of width, whereas vertical layouts will create a sense of height. Creating mood boards can be a helpful way to see what colours will work for your overall bathroom vision and aesthetic. Our design team can also provide you with realistic 3D renders including your chosen tiles or colours, giving you a realistic idea of the finished product before committing.

Wherever possible, maximize on natural light. Use a sheer or light filtering window to help bring the outdoors in. Placing light fixtures strategically to minimize shadows and evenly illuminate the entire space. Incorporating ambient lighting with fixtures that provide a diffused glow such as our LED mirrors, helps create a clean, bright and welcoming feeling. LED Vanity strips are great to illuminate beneath hanging vanities. Reducing shadows, darkness and illuminating the maximized floor space. Our LED mirrors feature so many other great features such as built in dimmers and touch free sensors.

This guide is made with expert advice from our lead in house bathroom designer at Elite Design Studio, Hannah Brown. Hannah has helped many clients achieve the bathroom of their dreams without breaking the bank. We hope these suggestions, tips, tricks and product suggestions help you save along your bathroom design journey!

Engage with a bathroom designer from our design studio to go through the layout options of your room with full product specification. The biggest cost saver is preventing mistakes. Our friendly sales team and in house designers can help your bathroom renovation experience go as smooth as possible.