Coastal / Hamptons

Bright, airy, and evoking the tranquil ambiance of the seaside, a Hamptons-style coastal bathroom offers a serene retreat to both begin and end your day.

Originating from the affluent coastal enclave of the Hamptons on Long Island, New York, the Hamptons style embodies elegance and sophistication.

Often Featuring blue paneled vanity fronts or a feature wall with white and bright surroundings. A coastal hamptons colour pallete can pair well with a wide range of tapware. We recommend gold for a summery seaside feeling, and silver, gunmetal or black for a cooler marine vibe.

Warm the space up with timber accents or wooden styling such as wicker light shades or wooden hooks. Bring in plenty of bright light and perhaps some minimal coastal ornaments or decorations such as dried bunny tail grass, marine stripe towels, ocean art work, or hanging some sailors rope.

Modern / Japanese Inspired

The Japanese approach to bathroom design is closely linked with simplicity, minimalism, and zen. Black can be used to create a sense of sophistication or luxury, and is closely associated with japanese design through the practice of yakisugi. Also called shou sugi ban, this ancient technique chars the wood's surface, giving it a dark hue and increased durability.

Yakisugi isnt the only way to welcome this japanese inspired colour pallete into the your bathroom design, black tiles or corregate offer a modern and timelines japanese inspired look.

Paired with warm timbers and cool toned tapware such as gunmetal, chrome or matte black. Black basins pair beautifully with a wooden vanity.

Keep the bathroom minimal and zen feeling with seamless hidden storage, shower niches and recessed shelving. Floating elements such as wall hung vanities and toilets work to create sense of lightness, spaciousness and calm.

To reduce shadows and brighten the use of black, welcome natural light and place LED lighting beneath floating vanities, within shelving, or consider a led lit mirror. Other decorative elements could include stones or concrete features, bamboo plants or indoor palms, or a japanese style bath.

French Farm House Inspired

The French Farmhouse and modern barn aesthetic is undoubtedly one of the most popular design styles for bathrooms. Inspired by the french countryside where rustic farmhouses feature weathered oak vanities and small stand alone basins, recalimed wood shelving and stools, vintage seats and pottery, and traditional stone tiles such as travertine or teracotta.

A popular tapware choice with the french farmhouse aesthetic is brushed brass or copper. These options te in beautifully with the warmth often found in the creams, terracotters and timbers.

of course, claw foot baths are an inconic statement in any french inspired bathroom. often near a french style window where you can soak up the countryside view.

Keep the lighting natural and soft - Candles, incandescent farm style lights, shuttered windows or a french door with sheer linen curtains. Bring in french greenery such as indoor olive trees, or a vintage jug of fresh roses. Romanticise your bathroom space in true french mannor, by displaying what makes your bath time a ritual - collections of scented soaps, vintage jars with bath salts, a stool for your book or radio.

Scandinavian Inspired

Scandi style channels the use of asymmetry.   In the pursuit of a tranquil space, intentional "imperfections" such as the imperfect tiles and an asymmetrical ladder prove more inviting than flawless lines, yet the outcome remains impeccable.

Embrace raw materials for a foraged look with recycled timbers, variations of baskets, or perhaps a vase of branches.

Comon Scandi style bathrooms stick to neutral tones and timbers, but adding a little bit of color won't hinder a Scandi-style bathroom. Select a serene colour pallete and experiement with colour. This could include a sage coloured basin or forest green tiled shower. Light and timeless tapware such as silver or white are popular with scandi style. However gold and copper pairs great with wood tones too.

Keep the space minimal, warm, and light. Sheer curtains for add a feminine and soft feel. Warm whites and creamy neutrals such as Resene rice cake go brilliantly with with light soft wood tones.

Balinese Inspired

Achieve a serene atmosphere in your bathroom by incorporating minimalist decor in neutral shades and diverse natural textures. Introduce tropical plants and scattered shells to elevate the sense of escapism.

Central to this aesthetic are plants. Consider sourcing a variety that thrives in bathroom conditions to complete the look. By integrating bamboo furniture and incorporating natural fibers and textures, you can seamlessly introduce the captivating beauty of Bali's aesthetics into your home. With the appropriate tropical decor, such as rattan and cane furniture, you can effortlessly evoke the relaxed ambiance of a Balinese vacation right at your doorstep.

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