Its all about getting back to nature this year with organic elements. Warm woods and natural timber vanities are a beautiful emerging trend! Our Tondo curved wall-hung vanity, available in a range of organic colours and natural wood finishes, is a great option to keep your bathroom feeling natural, soft, and modern.



Creating an uncluttered, calming, and functional space with the use of minimal styling, neutral light colours, clean lines and shapes. Our nature tapware is a prime example of minimalistic design with a luxury feel. Choosing fixtures that do not visually weigh down the room, such as floating shelves and hanging vanities.


Recessed Niches

Recessed shower niches are continuing to grow in popularity for good reason as we enter 2024. For a modern shower storage option, niches look sleek and are easy to keep clean. Get creative with different tiles or keep it seamless and matching with the rest of your tilingfor a modern minimal look.


Fluted Texture

Fluted or ripple front vanities or basins are a great way to incorporate texture into your bathroom. Texture has been increasing in popularity towards the end of 2023 and will continue to trend through 2024. We have a range of fluted baths, vanities, basins and tapware features available at Elite to fit any bathroom.


Ambient Lighting

No more neglecting the power of lighting in 2024. Create a luxury ambiance feel with an LED mirror or lighting piece. Choosing from our collection of LED mirrors will not only transform the mood of your bathroom, but add modern features such as built in speakers and demisters!

Creating an on trend bathroom in 2024 can be achieved by starting fresh, or by simply updating a few key modern pieces to your existing space. Our sales staff at Elite Bathroomware are always happy to help with design ideas and budgeting your beautiful new look.