Resenes Colour Forecast of 2024 is out! With the expection of the bold barbie inspired wildcard “Hopbush”, this years palette is inspired by the rich shades of our coastlines and deep tones reflected in native surroundings. We have created bathroom looks encorperating some of these trending colours, that we hope you’ll love!


Look One

Ft. Escape

A pale, dreamy and calming cerulean blue. Our look features Nature tapware in brushed brass with a swatch for our Cove concrete basins in white. Paired with stone and an Escape coloured tile.


Look Two

Ft. Coast

Inspired by the Southern Wairarapa coastline, this stark cool grey blue is grounding and sophisticated all in one. Our look includes brushed Gunmetal tapware and a swatch for the Code Villastone Basin in Tide. Completed with a white panel front vanity and Coast coloured paint + tile.


Look Three

Ft. Element

This warm, dark and mysterious stone shade brings a balance of earth and luxury to any bathroom. We used Brushed Copper tapware to match the warm speckled dark grey tile. These tones pair beautifully with Element coloured tiles and towels.


Look Four

Ft. Tom Tom

This relaxing neutral beige, slightly less rosy than a true ‘mushroom’ shade, is trendy and timeless. Shades like Tom Tom are currently trending in Limewash finishes for the backdrop of a warm and inviting space. Our Tom Tom inspired bathroom design features brushed brass Nature tapware, a Code Piper vanity texture, gloss basin swatches and speckled tile with tones to compliment Tom Tom