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Kiri is our answer for lovers of clean lines and strong, dynamic forms. This solid architectural style makes its presence known in your bathroom, but not on the environment. High pressure Kiri showerheads utilise Satinjet® technology and are fitted with flow restrictors.

All pressure design Suitable for all water pressures above 10kPa/0.1 bar.

A full-body shower experience, like no other. Exclusive to Methven. Satinjets® colliding twin jets produce over 300,000 droplets of water per second for the ultimate shower experience.

Overhead without the height Enjoy an overhead shower even if you have a low ceiling, easy to install, low profile design sits flush like a light fitting.

Ultimate immersion Enjoy the ultimate Satinjet® shower with ultra wide spray for an immersive full body experience. Suitable for larger bathroom and shower spaces.

Mains Pressure: WELS 3 Star 7.5 litres/min
Low Pressure: WELS 1 Star 13 litres/min

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