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5 Year Warranty

Wireless Speaker

Includes Demister

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Experience the essence of modern elegance with New Zealand-crafted Solace LED mirrors. Enjoy a sleek, slender frosted frame, Bluetooth connectivity to your phone, and built-in wireless speakers for a seamless audio experience while you relax in the bath or shower. Elevate your bathroom experience with the Solace range.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Built in Demister Pad
  • Built in Wireless Speakers (Connect with Bluetooth)
  • Touch Sensor Dimmer (Hold down to make Dim and Brighten the LED mirror)
  • Touch on and off button
  • 5mm Copper Free Mirror with Safety Film
  • Warm 3500K
  • Aluminum fixing brackets
  • Power: 35 Watts
  • Lumen: 1600lm
  • IP44 Rating

Download Installation Instructions

Note: The light & demister do not have to be on to use the music/wireless speaker function. However there must be power to the unit.

Care Guide

DO NOT spray cleaning solutions directly to the glass.
We recommend using a Spray Cleaner directly onto a Non-Scartching Microfibre cloth.

Technical Spec

Download Specs

Dim To Suit

Our Solace Mirrors are Dimmable. Just hold down the button to Brighten your mirror accordingly

Fun For The Whole Family

Connect your phone to our wireless speakers and enjoy listening to your favourite tunes!

A Range of Styles

Check out our the complete range of solace mirrors

Our Favourite Mirror Ever!

"The LED is just a perfect colour. Not too white and not too yellow. the speakers sound great in our bathroom and would easily buy these again for our future homes."

- Michelle

Struggling To Find The Right Size?

When choosing your bathroom mirror, whether it be an LED mirror, mirror cabinet or flat polsihed mirror. The general guide is to always have the mirror smaller than your vanity set up. This is because any mirror bigger than the vanity would overpower the room, and throw the space off balance.

Our Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation

I want the LED mirror but do not have the Storage Space
Your bathroom vanity is usally the king of your bathroom storage but there are other options to consider if you find yourself needing more storage. One option would be to consider wall mounted tapware to provide more space on your benchtop. You could also consider creating a vanity with an open bottom shelf to store towels and bigger items. Or full stoarge tower units.

What Shape Should a bigger mirror or 2 small led mirrors?
Consider who will be using the Vanity the most. For larger LED mirrors, more space is shown, but if you apply makeup almost everyday, seeing another person or something in the background may cause a lot of foundation lines!

Demister Pad Is Worth It
All our solace mirrors come with Demister Pads built in. It is a must have with any bathroom mirror. The Anti-Fog factor is a life saver when it comes to those winter months and the steam is fogging up your mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I connect My Solace Mirror Via Bluetooth?

• On your phone/pad, enable your Bluetooth function.

• Search for 'Elite mirror' and Pair the mirror with your phone/pad

• Enter password

• You are now connected.

How Do I Clean My Solace Mirror?

DO NOT spray cleaning solutions directly to the glass.

We recommend using a Spray Cleaner directly onto a Non-Scarcthing Microfibre cloth.

What is the Warranty on the Solace Range?

Solace comes with a 5 Year Warranty

Question Not Answered or Want to Make an Enquiry?

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