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Elementi ION showers, with their soft square tubing and refined designs, are ideal for your stylish, vibrant bathroom.

2 Year Warranty on non chrome finish.

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5 Year Warranty

3 Star WELS rating

More than 7.5 but not more than 9 litres per minute.

Mains Pressure

Suitable for Mains Pressure.

Residential/Light Commercial

Suitable for residential & light commercial use.

Flawless Finish

Advanced plating provides a durable surface with a long lasting finish

Aqua Air Technology

Air injected water offers a better showering experience using up to 50% less water. The air and water mix provides superb flow performance that is both soft and invigorating.

Adjustable Fixation

Ideal for renovations, many of our slide rails have adjustable fixings allowing you to fit existing fixings of the slide shower you are replacing.

Hardened Durable Finish

Black & Brushed Nickel Finishes involve a sprayed on Acrylic coating that is oven dried to produce the hardened durability finished product.

Hand piece

Includes 3 Function Hand piece.

Lever Slider

Chrome/Brushed Nickel: Single lever to adjust slider to adjust hand piece height.

Water Inlet

Bottom Water Inlet

Centre Slider

Black/Gun Metal: Adjustment slider that allows hand piece to be positioned centre of rail (not offset). Perfect for over the bath applications.

Smooth Hose

Smooth easy-clean hose with water tight seal and anti-twist feature.

Aquabella Check Valve

All Aquabella hand showers are fitted with a Neoperl Combined Check Valve and Flow Regulator Neoperl Part Number 31.2015.1 in accordance with the New Zealand Building Code.

Swiss Design

Swiss Design & Engineering

Sprayed on Acrylic Coating (BRUSHED NICKEL)

Oven dried to produce hardened durability for the finished product

Gun Metal Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)

A thin metal-spray coating in the form of very thin layers is applied using PVD process with additional spray finish to achieve a dark color tone for Gun Metal finish.

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