Choosing the right Lighting for your bathroom Vanity.

Your bathroom vanity is the place you start and end your day, so making it look the best it can possibly be is essential for getting yourself into the right frame of mind first thing in the morning. With that in mind, vanities need careful consideration regarding lighting to help it live up to it’s full potential. There are so many different options to chose from, all of which work in different environments and settings. The team at Elite Bathroomware are here to share their top tips to help guide you in picking the right lighting for your own vanity!


When used correctly, pendant lights can be a great option to help set a relaxing tone and can be very functional. Pendant lights are very versatile, they are not attached to the wall so they can be hung at any height or point you desire. You can also add more pendants to help brighten up those dark corners. The key is to make sure they are not hung too high or too low. We recommend at least one pendant at eye level to avoid casting strong lights directly onto your forehead and shadows under your eyes.

We also recommend using pendants when wall lights are not practical, for example architectural features like a window and angled wall, or you do not want to ruin a beautifully finished tile wall. If you wish to group them close together, have one at eye height and one slightly below. This will allow the light to diffuse outwards in all directions and illuminate more evenly.


One of the most popular modern lighting trends are hanging fixtures above the mirror. This gives the bathroom a crisp clean look. We recommend pairing a fixture exactly the same size or just a fraction smaller. This will help create a perfect balance in the bathroom. A very common mistake is overwhelming the mirror with an over-sized fixture. Going any wider will lead to a bizarre, uneven look, that will mess with the space of your bathroom. Centering the light above will evenly distribute light across your face regardless of the position you are standing. If you are having trouble with tall and narrow bathrooms, adding a fixture above the mirror will help accentuate the height by adding a key focal point.

Do you have a dark space with minimal natural light? To help get more light, you can look to dual-light or multi-bulb fixtures to cast some light down from two sides for better balance. Often fixtures that are seemingly meant to be installed vertically can be rotated to run horizontally and vice-versa.





Tip: Undermount Glowing LED lights are really good for highlighting tiles and helps give the space a sense of drama and perosnality.



LED lighting offers an even source of lighting that is perfect for the everyday bathroom. LED mirrors provide an even amount of light on your face to help see your reflection more clearly without casting shadows. It is our ideal choice for daily grooming routines. It creates light from all angles, enabling accuracy when applying makeup or shaving (Better lighting adds less risk of piercing your skin when shaving and allows more accuracy when applying makeup).

A decorative piece LED mirrors are a fantastic way of beautifying a wall, and creating a great focal point for the room. It is a simple way to enhance the glamour of your home without spending too much. When choosing an LED mirror, we recommend making sure the mirror has a built in demister. This way you can avoid fog and use the mirror directly after showering.








Backlit mirrors are a rising trend in the everyday bathroom. They are mirrors that use LED strip lights that sit behind the mirror, outlining a mirror’s beautiful edge. The natural glow effect creates a relaxing ambiance, while creating a layer of depth adding another dynamic feature to make your bathroom more interesting and unique. If you are sensitive to fluorescent light, backlit mirrors have the option of customising the backlit colour to suit your eyes, and have the option of adding a blue light friendly tone for night use and a bright light to help you wake up in the morning.